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Structural Tape Sails are derived from the unique Tape Drive ® sails. It is a technique to construct light, form-retaining sails. The sails are extremely flexible and durable. This technique combines 2 elements in a special and effective way: a light 3-D shaped basic sail and a banded web of strong, non-stretching tapes. This very effective consolidation gives the sail continuous strength. Thanks to the pattern of Carbon or Pentex, it doesn't matter whether the sail has been reefed or not.

The construction of the sail:

  • The basic material is made of light and flexible laminate, (Mylar foil(s) and scrim thread)
  • The scrim threads are made of Polyester, Kevlar (Gold or Technora Black) or Spectra
  • For tour sailing and competition sailing, it is possible to apply a protecting taffeta (light Dacron fabric) on one side of the construction. This makes the sail heavier, but also more durable.
  • For real competition sailing you choose the light film-film construction

The benefits:

  • High level of dimensional stability despite use of light-weight materials
  • Also effective with less wind
  • Perfect position of the sails due to smart design technology
  • Saving weight, up to 50% in comparison to other sails
  • Excellent balance between price and quality, but also durable
  • Special properties and excellent performance
  • Later reefing, less tilting
  • Can be used longer with much wind, due to dimensional stability
  • Even effective with less wind due to weight-saving properties
  • Lower centre of gravity for the boat under sail

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