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You see PinkSails more and more often on the water. Every PinkSailer has his own style and preferences, but always chooses excellent materials, real craftsmanship and perfect service. The collection mirrors the diversity among our customers.

Foresail, mainsail, trysail, storm jib, Genoa, headsail, spinnaker or gennaker. We have the right sails for any sail setting, in different quality materials with distinctive styling. Here is an overview of our range. Would you like to know more, would you like to experience how the sails are made, or how they sail? Then contact PinkSails or visit us at one of our seven lofts.

zeilen pinksails mxl1MXL Membrane Sails

The MXL line of membrane sails is suitable for every application: from cruises to racing and everything in between. With the MXL WidePanel, MXL MultiPanel and MXL Club Race LP, PinkSails offers state-of-the-art membrane sails for Finn to Super Maxi.

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zeilen pinksails fmn dynacoreFMN DynaCore Sails

FMN DynaCore, an exciting new product development to add to CSF’s already highly successful FMN range of Load Path Sails. FMN DynaCore is ground breaking in FMN technology. In addition, three different external finishes are possible.

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zeilen sts pinksails1 kleinStructural Tape-sails

STS (Structural Tape Sails) are especially suitable for duration sailors who wish to be able to load their sails completely. Racers who explore the limits, almost automatically comes to the STS sails of PinkSails. Important benefit: PinkSails offers STS for the price of Dacron!

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zeilen dacron pinksails kleinDacron sails

Dacron has a wide range of application and is trimmed more easily. Ideal for little wind and with perfect curving, tightly stretched when there is a lot of wind. A Dacron sail has relatively little stretching effect and retains its shape relatively long. Dacron is the steady runner of PinkSails.

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zeilen pinksails spi1 kleinSpinnaker

If you have the wind in your sails, you want to feel it! PinkSails has an extensive collection of symmetrical and asymmetric spinnakers. Can be tailor-made from various materials. Make the spinnaker yours with your own label or logo. Or carry out the PinkSails feeling!

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"As multifaced as our clients"