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PinkSails loves sails. What gives more pleasure than to see a sailing ship in full sail cutting through the waters? So the love of sailing and sail making is the central theme in everything that PinkSails makes and undertakes. The sail brand is full of experience. Come and take a look in one of our seven lofts and experience the craftsmanship and dedication of our sail makers. Feel, smell and experience the quality of our sails.

Every day, PinkSails sail makers are hard at work at seven places alongside the water. The collection of sails have a distinctive quality and appearance. Only the best materials are used, and the team's craftsmanship adds an extra quality dimension. Nevertheless, PinkSails is able to sail close to the wind with its prices. And the service offered by PinkSails is virtually un-Dutch good. Would you like some advice, do you have any ideas, do you need a fast repair, are you looking for something other than run-of-the-mill? Make your acquaintance with the PinkSails approach!

"Looking for something different?"